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Price: 4600 

Western Blotter 1.0 (Cat.# HM9010)

Price: 40 

Pre-stained Protein molecular
weight marker 200ul

Price: 45 

Western blotting enhancer(Cat.# HM9016)

Price: 85 

Full-size Blot(Cat.# HM9013)

Price: 980 

Signal Transduction AntibodyArray (Cat.# HM3000)

Price: 490 

Apoptosis AntibodyArray (Cat.# HM4000)

Price: 50 

strip blot(Cat.# HM9011)

Price: 65 

Mini Blot(Cat.# HM9012)

Price: 100 

GST Biotin(Cat.# HM2011)

Price: 220 

Cell Cycle AntibodyArray (Cat.# HM5000)

Price: 25 

Custom Capture AntibodyArray (Cat.# HM6000)

Price: 380 

Staining AntibodyArray I (Cat.# HM8100)

Price: 25 

Custom Staining AntibodyArray (Cat.# HM8500)

Price: 230 

AntibodyArray Staining Apparatus (Cat.# HM8000)

Price: 0 

Motorized ArrayStage For Upright Microscope (Cat.# HM8020)

Price: 0 

Motorized ArrayStage For Inverted Microscope (Cat.# HM8021)

Price: 0.01 

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New Technology

Protein-Protein Interaction Screening



Western Blotter Cat.# HM9010

A fully automated Western blot processor from Hypromatrix.

Accurate control! Exact reaction time and reagent volume.Increased             experimental consistence.

Fully automated!Eliminate tedious and repeat manual operation.

Easy to use!Intuitive design, work the same way as standard Western.Fast    setup, automatic cleaning.Pre-installed protocols.

Affordable!For the price of a shaker, you can do much more.


Capture AntibodyArray

Capture AntibodyArrayTMs contain a large number of high quality                  antibodies against well-studied proteins. The antibodies are immobilized on a membrane, each at a predetermined position, and they retain their capabilities of recognizing and capturing antigens as well as antigen-associated proteins.  The proteins captured on the array can then be detected by immunoblotting.


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