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Pre-stained Protein molecular weight marker£¨Cat.# HM9015£©

Catalog Number:Cat.# HM9015


Pre-stained Protein molecular
weight marker 200ul

Product Detail

Pre-stained Protein molecular weight marker

Catalog£ºCat.# HM1-02

Packing size:200uL


Product manual£º

Pre-stained Protein Molecular Weight Marker contains from kD to the kD in all kind of purification of Pre-stained Protein (pictured left), fit for Protein Molecular Weight of sds-page and Western standards.Especially suitable for use in Western, so in turn after membrane can be directly observed clearly turn membrane effect.

This Pre-stained protein molecular weight standard has been prepared on the sds-page of 1 x sample buffer, can be used directly, without having to boil.
According to the size of the sample holes, this Pre-stained protein molecular weight standard usually 5-10 edged up on samples, can in the electrophoresis, the electrophoresis or membrane after observe the protein stripe is very clear.
Packing list£ºPre-stained Protein Molecular Weight Marker 200ul and a Product manual.

Preservation condition±£´æÌõ¼þ£º -20¡æto save£¬Valid for one years.

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