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Staining AntibodyArray I

Catalog Number:Cat.# HM8100


Staining AntibodyArray I (Cat.# HM8100)

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Staining AntibodyArray I 

(Cat.# HM8100) 

PRICE:$380.00  per kit.



Each kit includes one Staining AntibodyArray I (HM8100) and one  Trial Staining AntibodyArray (HM8900); see page   in this catalog for more information about Trial Staining AntibodyArray.



Staining AntibodyArray I consists of 90 high-quality antibodies against well-studied signaling proteins. The antibodies are arrayed onto a nitrocellulose membrane in predetermined positions with a proprietary technique to completely retain their biological activities, such  as the binding of respective antigens. When the array  comes in contact with cells, the array support can be removed with Dissociable AntibodyArray Technology. The staining of each antibody on the cells can be observed. Please see the accessories Hypromatrix offers for use with Staining AntibodyArray products, starting on page    of this catalog. See chart on the following page for a complete listing of the 90 antibodies on this array, as well as their respective positions on the array.



The Staining AntibodyArray I is generally used in the following applications:

กค To measure the expression level of multiple proteins simultaneously.

กค To observe the sub-cellular localizations of each protein.


Staining AntibodyArray I is intended for research use only. It is not recommended for use in diagnostic or therapeutic  procedures.



Human, mouse, and rat. The Staining AntibodyArray I can be used in the study of human, mouse, and rat systems. The majority of antibodies on this array can recognize human, mouse, and rat proteins. Cross-reactivity to other species is not known.


The chart below depicts the 90 antibodies on the Staining AntibodyArray I, and the position in which each is located on the array.






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